HVAC Work Trucks for Sale in New Orleans, LA

HVAC Work Trucks



When you are in the market for a new commercial vehicle for your HVAC business, there are many factors to consider. While you might think of this new vehicle as nothing more than a means of transportation, it can be much more if it is appropriately designed and upfitted. Sure, you need it to haul tools and workers to the job site; but you should also think about the ability to transport large HVAC equipment, the level of safety for your tools and equipment stored in the vehicle, and even the ability to perform as a mobile workshop. All of these benefits can be yours with the help of the Premier CDJRF of New Orleans commercial vehicle and upfits specialists.

RAM Truck or Promaster Van?

The age-old question for contractors is which is better, a truck or a van? And the answer is something that varies from company to company. A RAM 2500 or RAM 3500 is ideal for hauling large HVAC equipment or pulling a trailer of equipment. You could also consider a RAM Chassis Cab for a customized HVAC truck. If you are not hauling massive pieces of equipment, then the RAM Promaster or Promaster City offers the ability to lock your tools safely in an enclosed van. The most significant benefit to a van is the ability to create a complete mobile workspace that is enclosed and out of the elements. You should also consider your other company vehicles’ features and functions to decide what would best complement your current fleet.

UpFits For Your Vehicle

Both the RAM truck line and the Promaster van series can be completely customized with professional-grade upfits. Trucks can get much needed secure storage cabinets and bins and rack systems for hauling larger items like ductwork. The Promaster line also offers a wide array of upfits. You can select everything from bin systems to work surfaces or a mobile office. With all the details ironed out, you will know that from the first day that you pick up your customized truck or van, it will be ready to get out in the field and start earning its keep.

Don’t Forget the Technology

Commercial vehicles today are often loaded with technology to add to their safety and functionality. Backup cameras and surround sensors are essential when you have a large vehicle maneuvering and parking in what could be very congested surroundings on a job site, and adding a security system is the perfect way to know that your tools and equipment are safe, no matter where your vehicle is sitting.

If you thought that buying a commercial HVAC vehicle was going to be easy, you were right; as long as you visit the pros at Premier CDJRF of New Orleans. We have a substantial inventory on-site for you to explore so that we can create your ideal new vehicle. As a full-service dealership, we will always be here when you need vehicle maintenance, parts, or have any questions.